Theotokis Vineyard and Winery

The Theotoky Estate is located in the fertile Ropa Valley, in central Corfu. It covers more than 300 acres, much of it covered by pine trees, olive groves and vineyards and is one of the most unspoilt spots in Corfu.

Theotoky wine is one of Greece's premier labels, recognised as the finest of wines - the product of years of experience and expertise from the Estate's 30 acres of lovingly worked vineyards. The Estate bottled vintages are available either as a delicious, crisp dry white or a sumptuous richly flavoured red. Theotoky white is a blend of two famous grapes, the Kakotrygi and Robola varieties.

The Kakotrygi grape is a variety unique to Corfu whilst the famous Robola grape is grown almost exclusively on Greece's Ionian Islands. Theotoky wine is produced in the traditional way: the process of fermentation and maceration, in new oak barrels, gives the wine maturity, natural stability and superb quality and taste.