Situated in the outskirts of Krini with a dominating position looking down on the resort of Paleokastritsa, this is one of the most famous historic sites on the island; in fact it is one of the most important Byzantine fortresses to be found in the whole of Greece. The fortress has now been renovated and is well worth a visit even if it is just for the panoramic views over the west coast of Corfu.

This natural promontory which gave an excellent defensive position, due to the sheer inclines to the north, west and south, is thought by historians to have been further heavily fortified in the 13th Century by Michael Doukas and that the fortress was named after his father – literally Angelo’s Castle. Over the course of the centuries it has played an important role in defending the area against a legion of attackers from the pirates that roamed the area to the Turkish. During these attacks the inhabitants of the local villages gathered within the walls of the fortress as there was enough room to hold them and their livestock and the nature of its location made attack almost impossible.

The fortress also had large underground rooms that were used as cisterns to store water for periods of prolonged attack. During times of peace the area was used by the locals as an area for trade, commerce and worship. There are also two churches within the fortress.